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Cleaning Services

FixPro Facilities Management offers quick, reliable cleaning and housekeeping services. With our doorstep service, finding help with cleaning and housekeeping has never been so quick and convenient and immaculate.

  • Ensuring the Highest Standards of Cleanliness and Hygiene

  • Modern Cleaning Equipment

  • Environmentally compatible cleaning products

We provide the following comprehensive services for commercial, institutional and high-end residential building:

Car Wash Services

FixPro offers you a quick, efficient eco-friendly car wash at your door step. We offer a unique mechanized car cleaning concept where your cars are cleaned by utilizing ecofriendly chemicals with minimal use of water, high powered vacuum cleaners, spray injection cleaners e Go Green Car wash service offers a wide range of car washing service of impeccable quality. Our clients can now pick one of various packages offered for different car types and wash frequency.

Planned Preventive Maintenance

► A/C Systems

  • Check Electrical Contractors and contacts and cleans as necessary.
  • Installation of New A/C Units (Split, Package Units, FCU, VAVs, FPVAV
  • PPM and Reactive Maintenance of Split, Package Units, FCU, VAVs, FPVAV, FAHU, AHU
  • Flush and clean drain lines
  • Clean Base Tray / Drain Pan and clean as required
  • Wet wipe body of indoor units
  • Check and lubricate motor bearings
  • Check the tension and conditions of V-belts
  • Check suction and discharge pressure and top up refrigerant if necessary
  • Check thermostat operation and electrical circuits
  • Clean filters
  • Replace or repair parts if necessary

► Electrical System

  • Replace MCCB, ELCB, Circuit Breakers
  • Check the cable end for insulation damage
  • Check terminal tightness of each connection
  • Clean the interior and exterior of the electrical panel
  • Replace / Repair / Clean Exhaust fans as required
  • Replace Switches / Sockets / Lamps as required
  • Check and Repair Audio Intercom

► Plumbing System

  • Check all pipes for any leaks & repair
  • Check bottle traps drains for any damage of blocks
  • Check / Repair / Replace flush fittings / Flexible hose if required
  • Clean /  Repair / Replace operation of pump and control panel
  • Check / Repair / Replace Water heaters for proper functioning

► Minor Civil Works

  • Repair damages in skirting or steps
  • Interlock and Marble Work
  • Installation of Kitchen Worktop
  • Repair damages on kitchen platform
  • Repair any loose tile
  • Apply Silicon in necessary are if required
  • Internal painting of apartments.

► Minor Carpentry / Aluminum works

  • Repair any damages on doors if necessary
  • Replace / repair door locks hinges, Tower bolt  if faulty
  • Replace / repair natural damages in cupboards, kitchen cabinets
  • Fixing  / Replace / Repair for false ceiling and Gypsum

► Fire Alarm System

  • Check and maintain the fire alarm and firefighting system
  • Condition of control panel checking and checking for damages
  • Checking batter and battery charger conditions
  • Checking control panel response to sounders and bells
  • Servicing and cleaning of associated devices
  • Checking the systems connected to fire alarm auxiliary contacts
  • Replacing faulty devices

► Fire Extinguishers

  • Pressure testing and functional testing
  • Every six months testing, servicing of extinguishers.
  • Monthly testing and servicing of extinguishers for general service areas.

► Hose Reel System

  • Checking the conditions of equipment for damage, corrosion or leakage
  • Checking pressure tank and pressure switch condition
  • Checking drain valves, breaching inlet, hose reels and nozzles
  • Checking battery and battery charger for diesel pumps
  • Checking the auto system for pumps by pressure releasing
  • Checking fuel, diesel and coolant level for diesel pump

►Automatic Sprinkler System

  • Checking the conditions of equipment for corrosion or leakage
  • Checking pressure tank and pressure switch condition
  • Checking drain valves, breaching inlet and butterfly valves
  • Checking all non-return valves and foot valves
  • Checking battery and battery charger for diesel pump.
  • Checking auto system for pumps by pressure releasing

Call Center Services

Our call center and managers and available to respond to any facility service needed 24-hours a day, seven days a week. We follow the principles below to achieve our aim:

  • Good communication
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Courtesy and respect
  • Advocacy for our clients
  • Professionalism and Competence in workmanship
  • Innovation, Productivity and Integrity
  • Competitive pricing and cost control
  • Attention to every aspect
  • Team Work

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